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AI World Cup Introduction

Training Process

* The simulator environment for AI World Cup 2018 provides coordinate information of ball and robots.

AI Soccer

Competition between five-player soccer teams.

Main Event

Five players controlled by AI move around to put the ball in the opponent’s goal.
Which team will seal a victory?
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AI Commentator

Competition between AI commentators.

Commentator vs. Commentator

AI Commentators give play-by-play commentary on AI soccer matches.
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AI Reporter

Competition between AI reporters.

Reporter vs. Reporter

After the match, AI reporters summarize the soccer game and point out the important factors leading to the outcome.
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Homepage Visits

updated on August 16

Call for Participation

The organizing committee is delighted to invite all of you to Artificial Intelligence (AI) World Cup 2019. AI World Cup 2019 is scheduled to take place on October 31th – November 2nd, 2019, on  KAIST Campus, Daejeon, Korea. This is the first world-wide competition of on-line soccer teams simulated by AI. The aim of this competition is to bring together researchers and developers of AI technology, both from academia and industry, and to prepare solutions involving AI technology for a rapidly evolving world. Participants will be provided with a package of instructions on how to use (on-line soccer players) and API for coding their game plans. Tutorial lectures and manuals with detailed instructions are available on the official website. All participants are requested to enter qualifying round(s). Only qualified participants can advance to the main round, hosted on KAIST Campus on October 31th – November 2nd. 

In addition to an on-line soccer competition, AI World Cup provides extended coverage of AI technology during the main round. AI commentators present analyses of game plans solely based on the soccer game displayed on a computer monitor. The suitability of such an analysis is measured by comparing it with the soccer teams’ game plans for that game. AI reporters write game summary reports, pointing out the key factors that have affected the outcome of a game.

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Important Dates

  • Registration

    Participant : (to be determined)

    Spectator : (to be determined)

  • Development Period : (to be determined)

  • Qualifying Round : (to be determined)

  • Main Round : October 31 – November 2, 2019


( to be determined )

Registration Fee

( to be determined)

** For more information, check [here] **

Prize Money

( to be determined)


Directions to KAIST

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