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AI Commentator

AI Commentators give play-by-play commentary, short-term prediction, etc. on AI soccer matches.
Standings of the participants are determined by the quality of play-by-play commentaries,
short-term predictions, for instance, of two games designated by the committee.


  • Use our API to connect your AI to the KAIST AI World Cup Platform. All the information necessary to implement your AI is in the 'commentator_skeleton_py' sample code of the AI World Cup Platform.

  • Refer to the demo video above and make your own algorithm.

  • Do not forget to consider the AI Soccer rules. Check the AI Soccer manual to see the information available while developing your AI Commentator.

  • Register now and watch the main round as a spectator.


Scoring Criteria

AI WORLD CUP AI Commentators give play-by-play commentary on AI soccer matches.
  • Predictability How accurateiy does it predict the future event? 12345
  • Readability How easy and enjoyable is it to read commentaries? 12345
  • Veracity To what extent do the commentaries cover true and accurate context of the game? 12345
  • Turing testability To what extent the audience could distinguish the AI-generated commentaries from human generated ones? 12345
  • Informativeness Do the commentaries provide useful and rich information to the audience beyond describing? 12345