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AI Reporter

After the match, AI reporters summarize the soccer game and point out the important factors
leading to the outcome. Standings of the participants are determined by quality of game reports
for two games designated by committee.


  • Use our API to connect your AI to the KAIST AI World Cup Platform. All the information necessary to implement your AI is in the 'reporter_skeleton_py' sample code of the AI World Cup Platform.

  • Refer to the demo video above and make your own algorithm.

  • Do not forget to consider the AI Soccer rules. Check the AI Soccer manual to see the information available while developing your AI Reporter.

  • Register now and watch the main round as a spectator.


Scoring Criteria

AI WORLD CUP AI Commentators give play-by-play commentary on AI soccer matches.
  • Organization Is the overall structure of the AI-generated news atricle well-organized? 12345
  • Readability How easy and enjoyable is it to read the news article? 12345
  • Veracity To what extent do the news article cover true and accurate context of the game? 12345
  • Turing testability To what extent the audience could distinguish the AI-generated commentaries from human generated ones? 12345
  • Informativeness Does the news article provide useful and rich information to the audience beyond describing? 12345