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Chair's Greeting

Jong-Hwan Kim

It is my honor to announce the first AI World Cup on behalf of the organizing committee. Your participation will make this event much more successful and even more valuable.
The upcoming AI World Cup represents a valuable opportunity for all of you to demonstrate your own AI technologies.

Emerging Industry 4.0 is rooted in various technologies, including IoT, big data, bio-chips, and AI. Among these technologies, AI technology is considered as the most powerful and influential technology with regard to Industry 4.0. The AI World Cup will be the proper venue for competition with AI technology. The scope of the AI World Cup competition covers AI soccer, AI commentator, and AI reporter. Please take some time to look at the demos posted on this website for details.

I hope that this event will offer a great chance to develop AI technology for use in the coming years. I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the AI World Cup.

Chair of the organizing committee, Jong-Hwan Kim