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How to Participate

To participate in AI World Cup, please sign up on the official AI World Cup homepage

  • Click the sign-up button at the upper-right side of the page.
    • Since you signed up to AIWC homepage, you’ll be available to register to participate.
  • Click the registration button at the top of the page.
  • Fill in the form.
    • It is possible to get involved in the competition as a participant or as a spectator.
    • If you want to participate in AI Soccer/Commentator/Reporter competition by submitting your algorithm, please click a participant button.
      Otherwise, please click a spectator button.
    • You won’t be able to modify your information since you registered
    A Participant
    • A team leader for each team should be assigned.
    • Maximum number of the team member is eight including team leader.
    • Since a ID is assigned per a team, team leaders are required to sign up as representatives.
    • Choose the number of members including the team leader to enter information about the team members.
    B Spectator
    • If you do not participate in the games you are able to attend tutorial sessions, workshop and poster session as well as the main rounds after you register as a spectator.
    • Paid spectators are allowed to attend any sessions for RiTA2019 (International Conference on Robot Intelligence Technology and Applications)
    • The poster session and the workshop involves the sharing of AI technology theories, applications and the strategy how the participants prepared the competition.
  • Pay registration fee
    • Before processing payment, check if your total fee is calculated correctly. If it is not, check your information or contact us.
    A Participant
    • Participants who register for preliminary rounds are not charged.
    • After the preliminary rounds, finalists can pay registration fee for main round on my page.
    B Spectator
    • Spectators pay registration fee when they register.
    • Total registration fee is automatically calculated according to the information entered when you sign up.
    • Spectators who attend competition only don’t need to pay the fees.
  • [Participant only] Download Webots simulator and build your algorithm.
    • Click the ‘SIMULATOR DETAILS’ button to see details about the simulator installation and example codes. Please read this part carefully.
    • Before you start to work please refer to the demo videos, rules and scoring criteria.
  • [Participant only] Submit your code.
    • Your last code submission on web simulator will be the final submission.
    • List to be checked
      • AI Soccer / AI Commentator / AI Reporter : All teams who have finished the online submission are qualified for the qualifying round.
      • Check important dates.